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About us...

Hello everyone, welcome to my webshop, the place for fun inspiration and materials to make your own lingerie.

I'm Myriam, the proud owner of a small cup size.

And let that cup size also be the trigger that fueled my passion to make my own lingerie.

I am happily married to Danny, together we are the proud parents of 3 teenagers... Niels, Merel & Noah.
I got my love for sewing from my mom. Ever since I was a child I enjoyed the works of art that she conjured up from under her sewing machine.
I got my first sewing machine at a very young age, one where you have to change discs to get the right stitch. What a wonderful nostalgia. Because mommy's using her sewing machine...I was obviously not allowed to do that right away. From that passion, my field of study was quickly decided: cut & seam.
After school I quickly became a mother and I sewed for the children . Now that they are a bit bigger, they prefer to go shopping themselves ;-). A few years ago I specialized in making lingerie. In the beginning mainly for myself, but later also for my daughter who sometimes likes something special that you can't get in the store. Bras and briefs have been flying under the sewing machine in recent years.

Someone once warned me that making lingerie is addictive, but I didn't believe her. She was right... making lingerie is really addictive. Once you have the perfect model you can make so many different things.
I would like to share that passion for homemade lingerie with you. I offer you inspiration and lingerie packages that include everything to make a complete set or just a slip from scratch. Or come to a workshop but pay attention because you could get the same addiction as me.
If you need a helping hand, get in touch and we'll learn the right pattern together until we have a perfect fit for you.

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Create your bra! You can do that and it's fun to do!

see you soon


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